Best Snooker Cue For Beginners

Starting out in any sport isn’t easy. Rarely can someone simply just turn up for their first time and perform. We all start as beginners. Snooker is no different. You may remember your first time playing snooker or you might be about to experience your first time; it probably was all a bit foreign.

We want to make sure that when you decide to partake in such an exciting sport, you get off on the right foot. In order to help achieve this, we’ve created this guide to share with you the best snooker cue for beginners.

In our list, there will be a few different options. Some of these snooker cues will be similar and some will be different. We want to offer a variety to customers as people have different playing styles.

Cue makers have a number of different types of snooker cues under their name and the reason for this is because not each cue is the same. It might be the cue tip, the cue length, cue weight, piece cue, tip size, butt end, butt length measures, added cue protection, etc. There are a handful of different elements to a snooker cue that can be adjusted to fit you as a player.

Let’s take a look at the best snooker cues for beginners.

Snooker Cue For Beginners

We decided to narrow our list down to 4 snooker cues. Take a look at each fantastic snooker cue and decide whether one of these could possibly be your own cue today! Each cue maker is a reputable brand with great reviews

AONETIGER® Snooker Pool Cue Case 2 Piece 3/4 Joint 114cm Length

This excellent cue from AONETIGER could be the kickstart in snooker that you need.

This cue is suitable for both snooker and pool and it comes with a sturdy snooker case. It has a vinyl covering which is waterproof.

Many of the reviews for this product stated that it “does what it’s meant to do”. That’s all you need as a beginner, something that will help you learn and develop your snooker game. That’s why we think this is a perfect first cue.

PowerGlide Snooker Cue Stick | Eclipse | Ash Shaft with Decal Hardwood Butt | 10mm Tip | 2 Piece with Brass Joint | Assorted Weights | Full Size 57″

PowerGlide are a huge brand in the snooker industry and have some of the best snooker cues used by professionals.

This beginner snooker cue in particular is a 50/50 split cue and has a length of 57 inches. It has an ash shaft, hardwood butt end with decal design. The tip size is 10mm with brass ferrule.

This cue is made from wood and is the highest quality. The two piece cue can be used all year round and the style is eclipse classic.

BCE Ronnie O`Sullivan MAROON & CREAM 2 Piece Pool Snooker Cue – 9.5mm Tip

If you want a beginner cue that is going to stand out a little more and is very eye-catching, then this BCE Ronnie O’Sullivan Maroon and Cream two piece cue is the one for you.

Slightly heavier cue, it has a 9.5mm leather tip and a standard ash shaft. It comes with rubber butt protector and is available in medium weight, which is 17oz to 18oz.

One thing to note is that BCE and Riley are now the same company so you can trust these brands of snooker cue for sure. For Ronnie’s name to be on it should speak volumes itself.

Powerglide Calibre Classic Snooker Cue 50/50 Split 10 mm Tip, Black, Standard

This Power Glide snooker cue actually states in it’s notes that it is for beginners! What more can we say.

It is a great value, very cheap snooker cue but don’t let that put you off. It has an ash shaft and hardwood butt.

It is a 2 piece cue, cue weights are between 17oz to 19oz. The cue tip is 10mm with brass ferrule hard leather.

Many top snooker players recommend PowerGlide cues. The joint is a quick release brass joint.

Things to Consider Before Buying Any Snooker Cue

Like with any purchase, you shouldn’t rush into it and it’s important to analyse what’s currently on the market to see whether or not you can get a better deal or cue somewhere else.

You want to read expert advice to see what cue to play snooker with for your playing style.

It might be the case that you don’t want a beginner cue, instead you want one of the best snooker cues on the market. In that case, you can read our guide where you can see more brands like John Parris cues, handmade cue makers, Peradon and more.


These are some of our pest picks. There are many snooker cues out there, many that will fit the bill but we couldn’t mention them all.

For beginner players or even intermediate players, these snooker cues will do the job. Other snooker enthusiasts have recommended similar, as well as some others that aren’t in our list and that’s all down to personal preference.

If you like any of the snooker cues in our list, then you can purchase them by clicking on the buttons below them. This will take you straight to the page where you can read more about the product, look at reviews and then place an order.

Beginner Snooker Cues FAQs

Does a good snooker cue make a difference?

Yes. Without a doubt, a good snooker cue will make a different. Casual players may not notice too much of a different but frequent ones, that want to try and excel themselves will.

You have all different kind of woods, like maple wood, etc that other cues can be made from. Perhaps rosewood is your personal choice, or ebony.